Kirsty Lee Hutton is an Australian author, personal trainer and journalist  based in Melbourne.

She keeps herself busy working in marketing at her own business, Style Publishing. In her spare time she works as a Personal Trainer, blogs, as well as writing and publishing children's books.

Kirsty has a passion for health and fitness, but also strongly believes this should fit in with a balanced life. She believes any health or fitness adventure should work long-term, so strives to design client programs (and her own life) in a way that can be maintained well after the excitement of beginning has faded.

Want to know more about the Kingsley Kids series? Check out the website  dedicated to the books here. 

(Or if you're ready to buy, head on over to Amazon.)

Where workouts and wine are friends! Here you'll find Kirsty's workouts, eating ideas, bio-hacking plans and favourite indulgent treats (hint: there's plenty of chocolate).

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